Tassels and Fringe

Pleats Fringes Tassels are New Fashion Trends

For some of us, our outfits, the combination of colors we choose to adorn ourselves with or the kind of prints we usually stick to is a kind of recreation, another medium to express ourselves. Fashion is always on; everyone tries to go with the flow and to adapt something new. There is no particular guideline for that rather we go with something which suits us. Ralph Lauren had once rightly said, “Fashion is something that comes from within you.” What you choose to wear may be your armor to cope with the monotony of routine: real and ubiquitous. At Trimworld Inc. a New York Embellishment and Embroidery Studio we are firm believers in this.

Fringes in New York Embellishment Studio

Fringes are in vogue nowadays. Stylish and very summery, fringe and tassels have been around since Country has been a vital part of mainstream culture. So it’s not particularly feminine because men wear fringed sleeves too and it has been around for quite some time. This summer, fringed bags and dresses can be pulled off very effortlessly if worn right. They are versatile without any restrictions. They can be however long and short you want them to be; as high as thigh slits or even higher. If dark shades and long dresses are your thing, this might be the thing for you!

Perfect for carnivals and other festive occasions, paired with ankle boots and over-sized shades, fringes can create a very fashion forward look. For enthusiasts of lighter, pastel shades, they can be modified into subtle off-shoulders or long skirts and worn at beaches or on holidays. It will appear very breezy and boho chic teamed up with flip flops or hats.



Tassels in New York Embellishment and Manufacturing Studio

Tassels, on the other hand, look funky when attached with bags but also have a very Indian connotation. Tassels at the end of dupattas are extremely reminiscent of how our mothers and their mothers used to dress. Not only clothes but also curtains are tasseled as well as other household decorations. Tassels can even be worn as a staple accessory; earrings. At Trimworld Inc., a certified business with NYC, tassels can be cut, looped, beaded or leather. Tassel heads may be beaded, gemmed, wrapped or metal at our New York Embellishment Manufacturing Studio.

Dyeing in New York Fashion Studio

Dyeing is always fun and it can have very eccentric results whether its hair, clothing or custom made articles like buttons. At Trimworld Inc., we have an In-house dyeing room. Trim dying is one of our specialties and we take care of special orders; samples and small lot dying needs like Fabric, Trim and Buttons! 

Pleating in New York Embroidery Studio

Since school days we have been sporting pleated shorts and skirts. Who knew they would be one of the top trends nowadays? Pleated maxi dresses, midi length skirts and pleated tops are very versatile. As a conventionally feminine style, pleats are neat but can be glamorous if matched properly. A tight fitting crop top or a denim jacket along with pleated skirts can take an outfit to another level.

At Trimworld Inc., a New York Embroidery Studio, the highly skilled staff is experienced in machine and table pleating as well as a wide variety of fabrications. Crystal pleating is very trendy too; the folds look crisp and neat. We offer all styles of pleating and even custom patterns as per the demands of our customers.




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